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Much To Do About… Something Comments Off

Assignment: What’s Due: When It’s Due: Paper: Something on religious vs regional identity in pre-modern Maharashtra First draft,20 pages 18 April Paper: Ongoing creolization between Vodou and ‘Western’ esotericism 20 – 30 pages 06 May Paper: Something on religious vs regional identity in pre-modern Maharashtra Final draft,20-25 pages 06 May Short essay on pedagogy 1 [...]

School Stuff Comments Off

For various reasons, it turns out that I need three more Religious Studies classes (instead of the two I previously thought), before I graduate. Rather than try to cram into the Spring Semester all three graduate classes, plus TAing, plus writing my thesis, plus job hunting, it makes more sense to push my thesis–and therefore [...]

Ch-ch-changes Comments Off

They’ve added a class on Religion in Modern Asia which is, obviously, right up my alley. Regretfully (because it looks like a really cool class), I’ve had to drop Visual Evidence in Modern China for this. However, as a result of the reading assignment (just spent a couple days reading 100+ pages on visual culture), [...]

WTH? (cp) Comments Off

I don’t seem to have the Comficker or whatever it’s called, but something made Kaspersky cack three times in a row. =:-O The computer suddenly rebooted out of the clear blue yesterday morning. In the evening, Kaspersky reported that protection was turned off, and that some components were corrupt and needed to be reinstalled — [...]

Under the gun (cp) 2

Depending on whether there’s a last minute change of course, we could be more or less directly in the path of Hurricane Ike this weekend. Suddenly, I’m not so happy about being next to a creek, or having that huge oak tree overhanging our roof.