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Finally off the damn crutches! Now I need a snazzy cane — maybe one with a sword in it. Or a flask.

Well, that was not fun (cp) Comments Off

Got in a wreck yesterday (Wed. the 10th). That plastic bodywork on Saturns may be resistant to door dings, but not when you get T-boned at 35 mph or so. The good news: it wasn’t bad enough to be admitted in-patient. The bad news: I have three breaks in my pelvis from being sandwiched between [...]

Under the gun (cp) 2

Depending on whether there’s a last minute change of course, we could be more or less directly in the path of Hurricane Ike this weekend. Suddenly, I’m not so happy about being next to a creek, or having that huge oak tree overhanging our roof.

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Ashburn (just a few artsy-fartsy shots that were still in the camera). Austin (will be adding to these regularly). A Horde of Fuzzy Pantses (to steal K2′s title). VVS 1968-71 (pics from my misspent youth). Walnut Creek (which runs behind the empty lot next door to us).

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If I know that your book has sloppy summarizing and outright errors in the areas in which I have some knowledge, it’s pretty damn hard for me to trust you on subjects where I don’t. Most recent culprit: The Magic Circle of Rudolph II: Alchemy and Astrology in Renaissance Prague, by Peter Marshall. Too bad, [...]

Thesis Proposal – Approved (cp) 4

Just got word my proposal for a Senior Honors Thesis has been approved. This is a 60-80 page paper that will be researched and written over the next two semesters as part of my undergraduate program. Here’s what I’ll be working on: Dr. John Dee, Sir Edward Kelly, and Authorship of the ‘Angelic Conversations’ This [...]