WTH? (cp)

I don’t seem to have the Comficker or whatever it’s called, but something made Kaspersky cack three times in a row. =:-O

The computer suddenly rebooted out of the clear blue yesterday morning. In the evening, Kaspersky reported that protection was turned off, and that some components were corrupt and needed to be reinstalled — usually a bad sign. I ran an update, and then a scan, and it said everything was fine. A few minutes later it again said that components were corrupt. Ran another update, another reboot, updated databases which were now said to be corrupt, and another full scan. Currently it says everything is fine (again), but I’m concerned — I don’t know if things really are fine, or if whatever worm is in there has gotten into Kaspersky and made itself invisible.

One possibility is that the power supply hiccuped (this box is 5-6 years old now) and that caused a data corruption that took time to straighten out.

Another is that someone in Tajikistan is now accessing your bank accounts through my AIM interface.