Next-to-last post on undergrad stuff (cp)

(The last one will be once I have the diploma actually in hand.)

Got my official grade report, and it appears that not only did Genji to Godzilla go in as for-credit and not pass/fail, resulting in an A for the course, but I also somehow managed an A in the Sufism class. So that means 123 hours of straight 4.0, which means I can stop obsessing about that one. I have now snatched the pebble from UT’s hand, and carried the cauldron of boiling miso soup and been branded on my forearms with the dragon and phoenix.

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  1. What now for you?

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  2. Starting graduate studies in Fall. I’ve been accepted into the East Asian Cultures and Languages discipline in the Asian Studies Department here at U.T. I’ll be doing my Masters research on religion in Japanese pop culture, specifically encoding of religious symbolism and messages in anime.

    Summer will consist of OTO stuff, hopefully including my Ordination, and going back over my Japanese since I have to take 3rd year reading and it’s been a year since I took 2nd year Japanese.

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