School Stuff

For various reasons, it turns out that I need three more Religious Studies classes (instead of the two I previously thought), before I graduate. Rather than try to cram into the Spring Semester all three graduate classes, plus TAing, plus writing my thesis, plus job hunting, it makes more sense to push my thesis–and therefore my graduation–to the Summer Semester. (Bad enough I have 3 papers including the 30 pg. first draft of Ch. 1 of my thesis, plus a TOTOCON presentation, plus an Intro to Japan midterm, to write in the next 2 weeks.)

So here’s where it gets interesting (-er). Once you begin your thesis–Phase A is research, which in actuality means writing one chapter and a draft biblio, Phase B is finishing up the writing & editing–you have to keep enrolling in Phase B until you complete it. And, in order to be eligible for financial aid, you have to be enrolled for at least 9 hours in Fall/Spring semesters, and 6 hours in Summer. With me so far?

Which means, if I’m understanding the bureaucratic BS correctly, that I can do something like this:

Spring 2011
- Religious Identity in S. Asia (grad seminar)
- African Religions in the New World (undergrad class taken as conference course)
- Thesis B
plus TAing for Intro to Japanese Film

Summer 2011
- Religious Identity in Japan (independent study grad conference course)
- Thesis B

This would mean spreading out the load a bit, getting financial aid covered instead of having to pay out of pocket for Summer, and getting all my work done before Fall when I would hopefully have a job lined up (XFKW, as Rose Dawn would say).

The only possible catch is whether the RS Dept will offer a conf course number during Summer. I’m checking on that now.

This means, btw, that I would not be doing a grad walk — unless they include the Summer grads in the December ceremonies?