Here we go . . .

Registered for classes this morning.

ANS390 Readings in Modern East Asia – Stalker
(required proseminar for new grad students in East Asian studies)

ANS385 Visual Evidence in Modern China – Tsai
(related to my field as it concerns ‘reading’ a variety of visual media)

JPN320K Readings in Modern Japanese, Intermediate Level – Aida
(3rd year Japanese, semester 1)

I’ll also be TA’ing for Traphagan’s “Intro to the Study of Religion” class.

So I guess I’m officially a grad student now!

last undergrad post (cp)

It’s official – I got my diploma today.

CP Grad Pic w/ UT Tower

CP Grad Pic w/ UT Tower

©Â 2009 Flash Photography

Next-to-last post on undergrad stuff (cp)

(The last one will be once I have the diploma actually in hand.)

Got my official grade report, and it appears that not only did Genji to Godzilla go in as for-credit and not pass/fail, resulting in an A for the course, but I also somehow managed an A in the Sufism class. So that means 123 hours of straight 4.0, which means I can stop obsessing about that one. I have now snatched the pebble from UT’s hand, and carried the cauldron of boiling miso soup and been branded on my forearms with the dragon and phoenix.

WTH? (cp)

I don’t seem to have the Comficker or whatever it’s called, but something made Kaspersky cack three times in a row. =:-O

The computer suddenly rebooted out of the clear blue yesterday morning. In the evening, Kaspersky reported that protection was turned off, and that some components were corrupt and needed to be reinstalled — usually a bad sign. I ran an update, and then a scan, and it said everything was fine. A few minutes later it again said that components were corrupt. Ran another update, another reboot, updated databases which were now said to be corrupt, and another full scan. Currently it says everything is fine (again), but I’m concerned — I don’t know if things really are fine, or if whatever worm is in there has gotten into Kaspersky and made itself invisible.

One possibility is that the power supply hiccuped (this box is 5-6 years old now) and that caused a data corruption that took time to straighten out.

Another is that someone in Tajikistan is now accessing your bank accounts through my AIM interface.

Looks like I need to break out the kanji flashcards again (cp)

March 6, 2009

Dear Mr. Feldman,

I am pleased to tell you that you have been admitted to the Graduate
School of The University of Texas at Austin for advanced study in Asian
Cultures and Languages. Your admission is for the Fall 2009 semester.

[. . .]

I welcome you to the Graduate School and I wish you well in your studies.

Sincerely Yours,

N. N.
Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies

Update (cp)

Finally off the damn crutches!

Now I need a snazzy cane — maybe one with a sword in it. Or a flask.

Homework (cp)

Just finished a 40-page reading assignment. Fascinating stuff – only fell asleep twice, and I think it might have actually mentioned the topic of our course once. Mentioned it by name, I mean – if it actually said anything that was relevant to our course, I missed it.

Dee Thesis (cp)

Wrote and footnoted another 12 pages today. Total now at 79 pps and rising. Now if only my classes–which start on Tuesday–don’t try to kill me with reading.*

*Why do teachers all act as if the only thing you have to do all day and all night is read for their class and theirs alone? And what makes them think you can actually retain, much less learn from, reading 150 pps a week?

now if only I felt good enough to celebrate (cp)

Don’t ask me how, but I managed to pull this semester out of my… head. So that’s another 12 hours in the bag, taking me to 108 hours of straight 4.0.

Not that I can relax on the home stretch: the next semester will be 4 classes plus writing my Dee thesis, plus grad school application.

Courtesans in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Existentialism (every semester there’s always one class that makes me want to cry — I suspect it’ll be this one)
From Genji to Godzilla
Sufism & Islamic Mysticism
Honors Tutorial (Dee Thesis)

Well, that was not fun (cp)

Got in a wreck yesterday (Wed. the 10th). That plastic bodywork on Saturns may be resistant to door dings, but not when you get T-boned at 35 mph or so.

The good news: it wasn’t bad enough to be admitted in-patient.

The bad news: I have three breaks in my pelvis from being sandwiched between the door and the console. Two are hairline fractures, one is a bit worse but none of them bad enough to show up on the x-ray. It wasn’t until the CAT scan that we could find them.

So, I’m home, got crutches, pain meds, and a referral to an orthopedist. Oh, and a urologist because there was some blood in my urine. Nothing showed up on the scan in regard to that, so I’m hoping it’s probably just some bruising. Next I get to call the orthopedist and then call my adviser and find out how to get my Govt. final rescheduled.

When it rains, it pours. But hey, at least I wasn’t on the Harley.